David Anthony Harris

Your home is where your heart is. For this reason, you will do everything to make sure that it is as comfortable and accommodating as possible. One way to go about bringing comfort to your home is through decorating and making it as aesthetically appealing as possible. One area of your home that you can renovate and improve how it looks and feels is the floor. But before renovating the floor, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the sub-floor is smooth, flat, and sound. This can be done by using a number of surface preparation tools.

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What will influence your choice of tools?

The choice on whether to build up your surface using a wood or cement-based material depends on the state of the sub-floor and the materials used to make it. This state of the sub-floor and the materials used might also affect the decision on going down and removing existing layers of material, therefore, remaining with a suitable surface finish. You may have to go down by removing the existing layers of material and then build up your surface in some cases, if you are working on a floor made of an old concrete slab. This means that you will first have to use a grinder to remove the surface layers, then form an underlayment to hold the surface finishing material (cement or wood-based) by applying a levelling compound or a cement-based smoothing with a trowel. Whatever decision you make here, you have to know the type of surface preparation tools to use and how they are used. Here are some of the tools you will use.

Level checking tools

There are two tools that are used to check the level of a surcease. These tools are laser levels and spirit levels.

Material removing tools

A number of tools are used to remove material from a surface. These tools include floor scraper, orbital sander, belt sander, angle grinder, high-pressure water, concrete grinders, and skutch hammer.

- Floor scraper

The floor scraper is used to remove dags and cornice plaster blobs from the surface of the floor.

- Orbital sander

The orbital sander is used to sand back timber floor boards and wood-panels around edges and doorways and other surfaces where the belt sander cannot.

- Belt sander

This tool is used to sand back wood-based surfaces such as timber floor boards and other wooden panels.

- Angle grinder

If you want to grind concrete or cut masonry and steel by hand, the angle grinder is the surface preparation tool to use.

- High pressure water

High pressure water is used to remove dust and other surface contaminants.

- Concrete grinders

This tool has rotating abrasive discs that make it suitable for use in grinding concrete.

- Skutch hammer

This tool is used to remove plaster, mortar, and tiles from floors and masonry walls.

Moisture membranes application tools

These are tools used for applying moisture membranes. These tools are backpack sprayer and paint brush and roller.

There are many more other surface preparation tools. These are among those that you can use when renovating your floor surfaces.